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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed to provide our machines?

We are licensed by the Gambling Commission which is not only a legal requirement for providers of Gaming Machinery but it is also testament to our professionalism and ability to conduct business in this industry.

How often do you visit?

We will visit whenever you deem it necessary, but at the very least we will make monthly visits to check on the equipment and carry out routine maintenance and emptying.

Can you beat our current deal?

If things are not working out with your supplier then we certainly match or often beat any deal you currently have. We are yet to find someone that beats our standard deals and needless to say we’ll also do our best to keep your business!

How quickly can you get installation done?

This does depend on what machinery you have asked for but in general the lead time for fruit machines are 1-2 days, jukeboxes 1-3 weeks and pool tables 3-6 weeks.

How do gambling taxes work?

MGD gambling taxes are due on profits made from gaming machinery. We liaise with our clients to let them know how and when they are liable for such taxes and how much they owe. We can even help with the paperwork!

How often do you rotate the machines?

We change our machines every 3 months to keep customers interested and keep revenue high. Of course, if you’re happy with the kit you’ve got and would rather hold onto it, that’s no problem!

Is there a minimum requirement?

No site is too big or too small for our service, we are happy to offer gaming machines to ANY licensed premises and even in some special cases we can provide similar machinery to non-licensed premises. Pool tables and jukeboxes can be provided anywhere, with no minimum requirements.
Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you!

What hours are you contactable to report issues?

We are available at all times to report issues. Once you are set up as a client you will have direct access to our Director.
Our customers can get in touch via phone, email or even Whatsapp chat to report any faults which will be acted on immediately, with repairs usually carried out the next day to prevent downtime.

Need to know more?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of the Gaming team will be back to you in a jiffy!