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TwoVend THE BEAST Treat Box – Chocolate and Soft Drinks




We are currently getting rid of all of our close dated and recently out of date stock at absolute bargain prices.

We’re stacking up boxes with a retail value of AT LEAST £30 and selling them off at just £15! The photos are just examples of the minimum of value you are likely to have in a box – it’s likely that you will receive more, and there’s no guarantee what products you will get as its chosen entirely at random.

We are fair and won’t pack the boxes full of low demand products!
Each box is different and the mix is random, but at the moment they could contain any of the following products;

Lucozade bottles (Multiple varieties)
Gatorade Orange
Monster Cans (Multiple varieties)
Rowntrees Randoms
Malteser Teaser Bars
Kinder Bueno
Cherry Coke
Coke Zero Vanilla
Dairy Milk Oreo
M&M Peanut


We are currently delivering every day of the week and following government guidelines on social distancing and hygiene. The boxes will also be packed up whilst following stringent good hygiene practices.


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